Welcome Back Wednesday – New Lockdown & MO3’s

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Happy New Year & Here We Go Again

Happy new year everyone. This post was supposed to be a Newsday Tuesday but due to the fact that we are heading into another lockdown, we spent a good portion of yesterday getting the office prepared.

Therefore, welcome to the first (and last) Welcome Back Wednesday post!

First and foremost, it’s business as usual here at J&F Water Treatment. We’ve all come back from the Christmas break well rested and slightly fatter (well… I certainly have anyway) and now we’re looking to crack on with 2021.

Understandably a lot of folks out there are worried about the next six weeks with the UK enforcing the third lockdown so far in this pandemic. For our part, we’re staying open. We know that there are plenty of businesses out there that rely on us being able to supply parts, products and technical advice. Therefore, unless Boris Johnson comes round and physically throws us out the door (On a side note, I would absolutely pay money to see this. It sounds hysterical!), we’ll be trading as normal.

As we’ve mentioned many times throughout 2020, we have always been doing everything we can to ensure that everything is as safe and hygienic as possible. With the new lockdown taking effect, we’ve now got everyone who can work from home, working from home, whilst those who have to be in the office have all been separated. Everyone is maintaining social distancing and anyone who breaks that rule has to go outside and one of the warehouse staff hoses them down.

Alright, the last part isn’t true, but you get the point. We’re wiping phones, handles, rails, doors and anything else that looks even vaguely surface-like, and we are enforcing proper social distancing with all drivers and couriers.

Here’s hoping to a speedy rolling out of the vaccines. Let’s all get back to normal again, please!

MO-3 Reverse Osmosis System Heads Out The Door

Last year, we teased that there was some more Reverse Osmosis news coming. On the first day back after the christmas holidays, we shipped out an MO-3 Reverse Osmosis system.

MO-3 Reverse Osmosis System

Firstly, look at the size of this thing! We’ve included a “standard issue reference Pat” for comparison. Keep in mind, this is just an MO-3, capable of producing 3 – 4m3 per hour of purified water, with Dow Filmtec XLE membranes and Grundfos high pressure pump. It’s a beast, and no mistake. However, consider that we also provide three models above this one; the MO-4, MO-6 and MO-9. When we get the MO-9’s in, you can barely fit it through the door, and when I say “door” I mean the great big huge warehouse shutter door.

First day back and an MO-3 shipped. Pretty good start, really. However, being the forward-thinking kind of chaps and… chapesses(?) that we are, we have another MO-3 in stock. We know that with the thorn-in-the-side that is Brexit and the gloomy situation with shipping all over the globe, it was best to bring in another MO-3 along with the one that was heading out. Therefore, we’ve got a heck of a good lead time on an MO-3 reverse osmosis system right now!

MO-3’s are excellent systems for commercial and industrial businesses who need larger volumes of water. Manufacturing, distilleries and large scale food production require top quality water to produce top quality products. The Ecosoft range of Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems are, in our humble opinion, the best option out there.

Here’s a whole album for you to peruse of this shapely MO-3 monster.


And of course, we are Ecosoft’s master distributor for the UK, so we can give you the most competitive prices. Come to that, we’ll give you competitive prices on just about anything, so get in touch.

We’ll be back to the regular Newsday Tuesday updates next week.

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