Newsday Tuesday-Why you really need a P’ure Balance, new page addition and Irish delivery

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You know what time it is. Welcome back to another Newsday Tuesday folks.

Bottled water VS R.O filtered water- What’s the difference?

Here at J&F, we’ve realised a lot of end-users probably don’t understand what the big, important difference is between bottled water and reverse osmosis filtered water. Everyone wants their drinking water to be safe and at hand when required. What people don’t realise is they can save a lot of money from not having to buy bottled water all the time. It’s also beneficial for the environment as a reverse osmosis system has a much lower impact on the environment compared to throwing away plastic bottles.

Yes, bottled water has the added calcium and magnesium that’s going to give you that pure, high quality water… but there’s an R.O that can do that for you too, now. Plastic is also vastly polluting our oceans causing no end of harm to the planet, and you end up at a loss due to overpaying for the convenience of bottled water.

For a filter solution that offers you potable water whenever you need it, Ecosofts’ P’ure Balance is the way to go. We’ve got an in-depth article coming out on this soon, which can act as a guide for the most common questions regarding P’ure Balance water filters. But for now, we just want to outline some of the benefits here:

  1. Aquaspring technology adds calcium and magnesium back into the water supply, making it healthy and tasty.
  2. Natural speed technology inside gives a higher mineralisation rate compared to other filters such as the 6 stage drinking system.
  3. Aquagreen technology ensures less waste- saves the household up to 20,000 litres of water per year!
  4. 5x cheaper than bottled water. Buy less bottled water = reduced contribution to the harm done by the manufacture and disposal of plastic bottles.
  5. Able to remove 99.8% of dangerous or unwanted contaminants such as chlorine from the standard municipal water supply.
  6. Preserves the service life of your household items such as your kettle, iron, etc.
  7. A more convenient option for water filtration – potable (stored) water always on hand for stain free ironing, making hot drinks, and cooking.


We don’t think too many people are aware an R.O water filter can do all this for you. J&F’s goal is to ensure the best, safest, and most economical drinking water is available for every household.

New Page unveil and Case Studies upcoming

Another piece of news we wanted to draw your attention to is that we’ve got a new page up and running on the website. The page is titled ‘Component Parts and Systems’ and has everything you need from mineral tanks to clack valves.

We also feel like people aren’t aware we do bespoke systems too! Yes, we are able to cater a whole system to your needs and specifications. For instance, we offer a range of assembly options such as skid-mounted, for easy installation no matter where your system needs to be placed. The systems also come pre-assembled and pre-programmed, so all you have to do is connect it up and switch it on to watch it do its magic!
Pretty nifty right? You won’t find any other supplier that offers anything like this.

We’ve also got some new case studies that are going to be uploaded to our site fairly soon, so you can get a look at what kind of customers we help and if their requirements match yours. Keep a look out for these.

Ireland updates

Finally, J&F Nenagh, our sister company over in Ireland, has had some exciting stuff going on. A long-awaited delivery turned up, consisting of:

>Some 8L Cabinets
>Lots of different size filters (sediments, inlines, membranes)
>6gpm UV’s
>Variety of different size mineral tanks
>And some Ecosoft reverse osmosis filters


They also made it look all pretty and organised with some new racking, because who doesn’t love organisation? The team over there is also expanding, which is exciting considering they’re taking on some more commercial water treatment opportunities.


That’s all for another weekly edition of Newsday Tuesday. Thanks for reading, and enjoy having a browse on our website. If you need to contact us, the form is here.

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See you next week.


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