Newsday Tuesday- Filter cartridges take over & new Case studies

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I’m sure you’ve all been busy watching and enjoying the Euros and/or Wimbledon, but as we all know, Tuesday is the time to get some water treatment updates.

Rise of the filter cartridges

In the water treatment sector, filter cartridges are typically used to solve simple water problems such as sediment removal and improvement of taste and odour. Below are the filters we stock, from well known and established brands including Ecosoft, Neo-Pure and XVI Filtration.

Carbon Block Filters-

Carbon block filters are commonly used as a standalone filter or as an addition to a whole filter system. This type of filter is a popular choice for customers experiencing the persistent curse of chlorine altering the smell and taste of their drinking water.

Carbon is renowned for its high absorption capabilities due to its larger surface area. This makes it great at absorbing all those unwanted contaminants from a customer’s water supply, whilst simultaneously improving the taste of the water. They don’t just treat chlorine either, but remove little microorganisms as low as 0.5 microns.

Our carbon block filters are made up of coconut shell which is a natural filter material,  meaning no excess pollutants are added into the water supply. As well as that, the cost won’t put a big hole in your wallet; they’re some of the least expensive filters on the market and require little to no maintenance, except for replacing them regularly to maintain high water quality.

Melt Blown Filters-

Anyone else intrigued by the name of this filter? Because of the polypropylene material, the melt blowing technique results in a filter with a larger surface area, a smoother surface texture, and longer continuous fibres.

All in all, these properties allow enhanced filtration and high absorption of dirt and sediment. Furthermore, they’re very versatile filters; they can be used for drinking water or for use in commercial settings such as restaurants, farms or breweries as a pre treatment. They’re pretty much a one and done, easy to use filter, that you know you can depend on to do the job.

String Wound Filters-

The clue’s in the name with this one. But, you may have also know them as depth filters. This is due to the two layers of filtration which is the perfect combination for when depth filtration is required. The first layer traps the particles that are the size of the micron rating, while the second stage almost acts as a back up for any extra particles that manage to slip through the first stage.

However, with every silver lining, there is a cloud. Due to the intense absorption abilities, the filter becomes packed full of dirt fairly quickly, meaning these filters typically need to be cleaned and replaced quicker than other filters.

Pleated Depth Filters-

These are more of an improvement on the string wound filter cartridges as they are capable of filtering higher levels of sediment from water before needing to be replaced. They primarily catch sediment on their large surface area, so can be used until the surface is completely covered. Only important thing to consider with this particular filter, is it’s suited best to filtering particles similar in size. For instance, if all the particles are 5 microns in size, you’d use a 5 micron pleated filter that will effectively remove all sediment etc. However, if particles vary in size, the smaller of the few can bypass the filter.

Aquametix single stage carbon filter

This filter offers a unique combination of ceramic and carbon with activated PAC media resulting in powerful absorptive capabilities. It offers the highest drinking water quality possible from a single stage filter by removing contaminants such as chlorine, and the harder to shift chloramine, fluoride, metals and many others. The only contaminant this filter doesn’t remove is arsenic, so it is recommended to use a filter made specifically for arsenic removal. The advanced pore structure and generous surface area again contribute to the ease of removal of these contaminants.

Learn more about water treatment solutions we offer by reading our case studies

We know how much our customers love to see water treatment in action, which is why you should check out our case studies.

Our latest is on what we provided to treat borehole water for an outdoor adventure facility based here in the UK, and we’ve done others on a glamping site, Scottish distillery and a residential house in Ireland. There are many more to come as our enquiries keep rolling in, so keep your eyes peeled.

To browse our selection of case studies, simply click the ‘Info Centre’ tab on the navigation bar, select information and then select case studies.

If any of the water issues look similar to what you need to treat, then don’t hesitate to contact our technical team who will advise you on the best solution. As always our number is 01538 399048, or alternatively use the contact form here.

The J&F team.

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