Newsday Tuesday- Taste, Odour & Chlorine Removal. P’ure Balance Infographic & Case Studies

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We’re back again with another edition of Newsday Tuesday. This week we wanted to talk about some treatment solutions some people may not be aware we offer. Also on the agenda we’re updating you on our latest infographic and latest case studies too. Let’s get going.

Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

Hydrogen Sulphide Removal

Ever had that rotten egg smell coming from your water? Well, that my friends is the doing of a nuisance known as hydrogen sulphide. There are two reasons this may be the case.

1) As a result of decaying organic matter and chemical reactions with soil and rocks.

2) Sulphur bacteria in the water source, i.e a groundwater/ well. Sulphur bacteria thrives in oxygen-deficient areas such as wells, plumbing systems and even softeners.

Hydrogen sulphide is known to be corrosive to iron, copper and brass among other metals. Inevitably, it has the ability to discolour and tarnish them. Also, a lot like iron and manganese, hydrogen sulphide sometimes leaves behind lovely yellow/black stains on kitchen and bathroom fixtures for you to remember it by. How thoughtful.

For those in the hospitality and catering industry, this pesky chemical can also cause beverages to become discoloured and alter the appearance and taste of foods. This ‘salt loving’ bacteria uses sulphates to its advantage when it comes to water softeners too. It uses the sulphates as an energy source which can cause black slime to congregate inside the water softeners themselves.

So, you probably want to know how to rid yourself of this, right? Catalytic carbon is your answer. Our Aquasorb CX-MCA catalytic carbon provides exceptional absorption capabilities. Compared to activated carbon that only removes very small amounts of hydrogen sulphide, Aquasorb’s large micropore volume makes it highly efficient at removing hydrogen sulphide from drinking water. Problem solved!

Taste, Odour & Chlorine

If you find water smelling or tasting like a swimming pool or pennies, then something is definitely wrong. This can be caused by all types of things, but most commonly chlorine. As a water treatment method, chlorine is always preferred as it is inexpensive and is effective at ‘killing’ most bacteria and contaminants. However, everything has a down side. It can in turn cause bad tastes and odours.

Chlorine isn’t the only culprit though. Metals such as iron and manganese can also cause an off smell or taste. These metals can be naturally occurring depending on where the water source is, or even when water flows through corrosive pipes on its way to being distributed. Talking of water sources, lakes and rivers can also get contaminated by bacteria and other organic matter which can alter the taste and odour of water.

Once again, Aquasorb comes to the rescue for this issue. But this time it’s Aquasorb CS. This activated carbon offers up a large surface area that is highly porous. So all those organic compounds and chlorinated by-products don’t have a hope.

Did someone say infographic?

If you’ve read some of our blog posts from the last few weeks, then you’ll know we’re massive fans of the P’ure Balance drinking system. We understand people are busy and don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to read a blog, which is why we decided to design a handy little infographic.

This infographic details the main features that set the P’ure Balance apart from the 5 and 6 Stage Drinking Systems. So, if you need it at hand to show a customer or just to have as a general part of your portfolio, we’ve got you covered. If you click on the image below you can print it out and keep it forever.


A reminder on our case studies

In case you aren’t aware, or you think we’ve just gone quiet when it comes to case studies, we have some new ones up for you to read. Our latest was how we helped treat water for a major distillery in the Scottish Highlands, and the one before detailed how we treated water for a glamping site. I know, a glamping site of all places. We’ve got one upcoming on an installation in Ireland, and plenty more where that came from, so keep an eye out.

That finishes off this week’s updates. As always, you can always get in contact with us here or by calling 01538 399048. 

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