Why Do I Need A Water Filter?

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Treatment for Mains Water

Mains water in the UK is considered to be among the cleanest and safest in the world. It is treated to an industry standard costing millions of pounds per year. Although it is safe to drink you may want to improve it further depending on the quality of the water in your area or personal taste.

It will also have been chemically treated in order to kill bacteria and microorganisms and may therefore also contain chemicals such as chlorine or chloramines which may affect the taste, smell and appearance of the water.

A water filter removes unwanted impurities and can improve the issues above as well as the overall quality of the water. It can also add some safety against cryptosporidium or heavy metals.

We stock a variety of water filters at J&F Water Treatment. A “point of use” filter, installed just before a drinking water tap is the most common.

These can range from simple sediment filterscarbon blocks (commonly called CTO filters, “chlorine, taste and odours”), ceramic filters through to our small domestic Reverse Osmosis units. Whilst a point of use system is cheaper than a whole house system it only treats water from that one tap.

A “point of entry” filter, installed as the water enters the property, treats all the water and are therefore physically bigger, but can provide the same function as point of use filters.

Many people prefer the taste of bottled water to tap water but as we are becoming increasingly more aware about plastic waste it is more environmentally friendly to use a refillable water bottle instead.

A water filter can supply you with this pure, clean, refreshing taste straight from the tap without the waste and cost of buying bottled water.

Why Do I Need A Water Filter?
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