Pleated Filter Cartridges


  • Ideal for drinking water, commercial water and for high capacity sediment filtering.
  • Available in sizes 2.5" x 10", 4.5" x 10" and 4.5" x 20"
  • Available micron ratings include 1, 5, 20 and 50 microns.
  • Discounts available on large order quantities.
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Pleated Filter Cartridges


Our Pleated Filter Cartridges are available from 1 micron up to 50 microns in a range of sizes. Pleated Filter Cartridges excel at filtering drinking water, commercial water and with increased efficiency at particle removal.

Pleated Cartridges have a wide surface area, designed to catch sediment particles. Pleated cartridges are capable of filtering higher levels of sediment from water before it requires changes, especially compared to spun or string cartridge filters. Pleated cartridges can be continually used until the “surface” of the cartridge is completely covered. Pleated filter cartridges work best when the sediment that requires being removed is largely uniform in size. If the particles in the water supply are 10 microns, then a 10 micron filter will last a long time thanks to its surface area. However, if the particles vary in size, smaller particles may slip through the filter. If there are larger particles, these will quickly clog up the surface of the Pleated cartridge and you will have to change the filters more frequently.

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Pleated Filter Cartridges – Available Sizes

2.5" x 10"4.5" x 10"4.5" x 20"
1 Micron1 Micron1 Micron
5 Microns5 Microns5 Microns
20 Microns20 Microns20 Microns
50 Microns-50 Microns

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