• Provides up to 13,000 litres of purified water per day (removing 99.8% of impurities)
  • Compact design; saves 55% of space compared to MO12000
  • Easy to use via smart architecture and system operation via the OC5000 controller
  • Grundfos CM 1-10 pump with worldwide guarantee
  • Comes equipped with a 2.5" x 10" sediment pre-filter
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The MO10000 is an eco-friendly and very compact reverse osmosis system. It offers a turnkey water treatment solution for various small to medium commercial businesses as well as being viable for domestic applications. The MO10000 is able to remove up to 99.8% of impurities from your water and it can produce up to 13,000 litres of purified water every day. It’s compact design allows it to fit into any business, saving 55% of space over the MO12000. The entire system is very easy to set up and use thanks to the smart architecture and the OC5000 controller.

How it Works

Water that is passed through the MO10000 is divided into two streams; Purified water (permeate), and high salt water (concentrate). Whereas the purified water is made available to you, the high salt water is discharged into the sewerage system. However, a part of the high salt water is passed back through the inlet pump, allowing another pass through the Reverse Osmosis process. This recycling allows you to regain water as purified water that would otherwise have been discharged into the sewerage system. The MO10000 also has a pre-filter which cleans the water and stops any impurities larger than 5 microns from damaging the Reverse Osmosis membrane.


The MO10000 uses two Filmtec XLE-4040 / LCLE-4040 membranes or Ecosoft ELP-4040 membranes.


MO10000 specifications

Flow Rate400 - 550 (L/hr)
Membranes12/40 x 40
Permeate Capacity1500 L/hr
Permeate Recovery275%
Maximum TDS3000mg/L
Influent Flow Demand (Service)650 - 800 L/hr
Operating Pressure8 - 12 bar
Maximum Pressure14 Bar
Electrical Requirements230V, 50Hz
Prefilter5 Microns
Dimensions (W x D x H)0.29 x 0.36 x 1.48m
Weight (approx)50kg

1. Depends on feed water, TDS, temperature and permeate recovery
2. For low scaling/fouling water


The compact MO5000 is ideal for commercial businesses such as:
  • Steam Boilers
  • Breweries
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Livestock and Poultry Farms
  • Commercial Laundry Services
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Apartment Buildings

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