P’ure Reverse Osmosis Range

P'ure range of domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems by Ecosoft for healthy, fresh tasting water.

P'ure Reverse Osmosis Filters

The P'ure range is Ecosoft's latest products in the domestic reverse osmosis range. With innovative filter technology, the P'ure range provides clean, soft, fresh tasting water with a focus on being environmentally friendly and economic to run. The P'ure range saves up to 50% of water compared to previous domestic reverse osmosis systems. It also offers water that is suitable for everyone, including children. The P'ure range is available in a number of models.

P'ure Balance offers the perfect blend of essential minerals added to your water, providing great tasting and healthy water on demand.

P'ure AquaCalcium concentrates on adding extra Calcium to the water which has numerous health benefits, especially for teenagers and the elderly.

P'ure AlkaFuse increases the pH to offer a high alkaline water which has several health benefits.

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P’ure Reverse Osmosis Range

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