RObust Mini


  • 55 - 60 litres per hour of purified water
  • Economical and environmentally friendly with a water recovery rate of 50%
  • Designed for tankless operation
  • Provides clear, purified water for food preparation and great tasting drinks.
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RObust Mini


The RObust Mini Reverse Osmosis is an economical, and environmentally friendly small-scale solution for providing on-demand clean, safe and fresh water. It’s a great solution for cafe’s, restaurants, flats and private houses.

The RObust Mini is capable of providing up to 55 – 60 litres of water per hour and is designed to operate without the need of a pressure tank. It’s economical design allows for a 50% refresh rate, meaning less water is wasted during the reverse osmosis process. Easy to install, the RObust Mini can be fixed to any standard faucet for a dedicated flow of purified water.

The filters included in the RObust Mini include:

  • A 5 micron PP sediment filter
  • GAC coconut shell carbon filter
  • Ecosoft membrane elements (3pcs)
  • CTO carbon post filter



Robust Mini Specifications

RObust MiniSpecification
Flow Capacity55 - 60 Litres/Hour
Water Consumption110 - 120 Litres/Hour
Power Supply230V 50Hz
Power Consumption0.08 kW
Dimensions485mm x 410mm x 195mm
Membranes3x CSV1812100ECO



RObust Mini is a great solution for the following:
  • Cafes
  • Small Restaurants and Bars
  • Office Kitchens
  • Flats
  • Private Houses
  • Coffee Shops

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