Luminor Concierge App


  • Monitor your UV system from anywhere using your mobile phone
  • Able to monitor multiple UV Systems in different locations
  • Wifi solution for web, android and IOS
  • Easy to use interactive interface
  • Safe, secure cloud-based software
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Luminor Concierge App


The Only UV Monitoring App of its Kind


The Concierge app from Luminor allows you to monitor your Blackcomb UV disinfection system from anywhere using a mobile phone or PC connected to the internet. Available in different packages depending on your requirements; there’s a Concierge app for a homeowner who wants to check on the UV system at their cottage, or for a business owner looking after ten UV systems installed in different locations.


  • The app is available on web, android and IOS, meaning it’s compatible with all major mobile phone systems and via PC.
  • The interactive interface matches the UV display found on the Blackcomb controller, including the intuitive traffic light system (green for good, amber for warning, red for attention needed).
  • The Concierge app allows you to set up email and text message alerts. No need to check your Concierge app to see if everything is okay; the Concierge app will tell you when something is wrong.
  • Capable of data logging capabilities, including the measurement of UV output over time.

Dealer Portal

Dealer Portal

For those needing something more robust and complete, the Dealer Portal enables dealers to monitor multiple UV systems installed in different locations from a PC in real-time. You’ll know which systems are in need of immediate service and which clients you’ll need to contact in the near future.

You no longer need to be reliant on clients calling you when requiring maintenance or service.  All the information is available at the push of a button. You can also customise the software to send as few, or as many text message and/or email message as you require. You can also have those messages sent up to 10 different mobile numbers of email addresses.

Different packages are available, so give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll be more than happy to advise you on the ideal solution for you.


Please also note that the Concierge App and Dealer Portal are compatible with Blackcomb UV systems with a Controller/ Ballast dated April 2019 or later (any system with a serial number of 1904 onwards). If you would like to use the Concierge App or Dealer Portal with Controllers dating before Aptril 2019, then please call us to discuss your options for making this possible.



Various packages of the Concierge App are available, including single user apps and multi-user systems. For further information, please give us a call on 01538 399 048 where one of our technical experts will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in further detail.


Compatible with Blackcomb UV Disinfection Systems
  • Controllers/Ballast must be April 2019 models or later.
  • Compatible controllers/ballasts will have a serial no. 1904 onwards.
  • Upgrade options for outdated controllers are available.

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