Newsday Tuesday – New Faces, Big Orders & Debating Valves

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Newsday Tuesday - New Faces, Big Orders & Debating Valves

What happened to the Newsday Tuesday post last week? Never mind that, we’ve got plenty going on this week which is far more important than last week. Last week was full of technical hiccups and servers not doing what they’re supposed to do and blocking our website updater. Last week is best left in the past, discarded and forgotten where it can sit in a corner and think about what it did!

This week, we have two new starters at J&F Water Treatment. The first, Usman, is the newest addition to the sales team and has an impressively manly beard. He’ll be taking your orders alongside our regular staff and we’re excited to be adding him to the team. Give us a call, have a chat with Usman, maybe place an order while you’re at it… just a thought.

We’ve also had Pat start with us at the very same time. Pat is also joining the sales team but he’s going to be slipping on a pair of sexy driving gloves and coasting the motorways of the UK to visit new clients and regular customers alike. That’s right, we’ve decided that J&F Water Treatment needs a face, and we chose Pat’s.

We’ve shown them where the kettle, toilet and fridge are all kept, so that’s the important stuff dealt with. We’re just going to sing the “getting to know you” song during the morning meeting, and then they’ll be all set!

Eurotrol Order Packs Out The Warehouse

Meet Mark; our friendly forklift truck driving warehouse guy. Hello Mark.

Friendly Forklift Driver Mark

Firstly, we should point out the obvious; we’ve not got a warehouse full of blood. That’s a different Eurotrol. We’ve actually had a delivery from the water treatment product specialists, Eurotrol. You really don’t want to get them two mixed up and find that what you expected to be a brine tank is actually trying to control the glucose levels in the non-existent blood supply of your water softener!

We’ve had a lot of pallets come in from Eurotrol. The warehouse has now turned into a sort of wood and cardboard version of the crystal maze. If you want something from the warehouse, then you have to take a map, snake your way through the labyrinth of packed pallets and if you don’t find what you need and get out in two minutes, then you get locked in. Hey, that’s crystal maze rules; don’t hate the player, hate the game!

Pallets J&F Lots of Pallets Even More Pallets

Here’s just a sample of the stuff we’ve had arrive;

Brine Tanks

Softener Resin

Filter Ag Plus

Mineral Tanks from 6 x 13’s up to 18 x 65’s 

Housings, Brackets & Spanners

Nitrate Media

Domestic Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Cabinet Softeners

Filter Cartridges

You get the picture! The point is you should give us a call and place some orders because we are up the eyeballs in stock. Plus if you do place an order, we can send one of the warehouse guys into the pallet-based crystal maze to see if they can beat their previous time.

Debating Valves: TT or MAV?

TT ValveMAV Valve This week, I also got to witness our boss’s brief descent into madness. A little background information for you; the Clack Valve product page has been up for a few weeks on our products page (check it out here), where we have a section all about TT Valves. (One valve controlling the flow to two tanks). We’ve briefly mentioned MAV (Motorised Access Valve) on the website too, which is where two valves are used in tandem, each controlling the flow to their own tank in the duplex system.

Now you’re all caught up, here’s how the conversation went with the boss. Oh, and I should point out that this conversation happened mainly with himself!


Me: We seem to have sold quite a few TT valves recently.

John: Yep.

Me: Is that because they’re better than MAV?

John: Well, hmm…. err, yeah. But also no.

Me: Thanks. That isn’t confusing at all. You should be a teacher.

John: Are you always this sassy and sarcastic? Look, the thing is a TT valve is a great way to handle a duplex system. You’ve got one Clack valve which alternates the flow between the two tanks. That’s good, because it’s competitively priced for a duplex system; you only need one valve after all. But, ahh, you see, the thing is, that’s not the only thing. Right, because a MAV, although it is a bit more expensive because you need two valves, okay, it’s a lot better when it comes to maintenance. See, if you need to remove one of the tanks, or do some kind of maintenance or whatever on one of the valves, then you still have one valve running the other tank. You’ve got no downtime, which is good, whereas you can’t do that with the TT valve.


John: Ah, but! How often does a Clack valve go wrong? Not very often, right? Right. So yes, having a MAV setup is better for when you do need to do maintenance on one of the valves, but that’s going to happen, what? Once in a blue moon? I mean, not often at all. So, you’re paying more money for the convenience of losing no downtime, and that’s rarely going to be an issue. Whereas a TT valve, you’ve got some downtime, but it’s so infrequent, it’s not really an issue. Or maybe it is? Might be. Depends, I suppose.

Me: Okay. So… MAV is better?

John: No. Well, yeah. I mean… Listen you, get out of here and stop asking me questions. Go do some work before I get the cattle prod.


So, there you go. Hopefully you learned something about MAV and TT Valves. I feel that “John Rambles” should be a new regular feature of the Newsday Tuesday posts.

Next week, I’ll ask him what he thinks of Boris Johnson. That’ll fill the Newsday Tuesday posts for a month!

Have a pleasant week, folks.

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