Filter Cartridges

We stock a range of different filter cartridges, available in a variety of sizes and micron ratings.
Gac Filters

Two-stage multifunctional filter AQUAPOINT

There are six options to choose from.

Carbon Blocks

Carbon block filter cartridges for drinking water, commercial water, improving taste and odour and the reduction of chlorine. Available in sizes ranging from 2.5″ x 10″ up to 4.5″ x 20″ and micron ratings as low as 0.5 microns up to 10 microns.

Melt Blown Spun Filter Cartridges

we stock melt blown, spun polypropylene sediment cartridge filters. They are designed for filtering drinking water, commercial water and with a high capacity for holding dirt and sediment.

String Wound Filter Cartridges

String Wound filter cartridges are available from J&F Water Treatment for drinking water and commercial water applications. String Wound Filter Cartridges are chemically resistant and ideal for when depth filtration is required. We stock a range of sizes and micron ratings.

GAC Filters

GAC filters from Ecosoft reduces content of chlorine, chlorination byproducts, natural organic matter and petrochemicals. Improve colour, taste and odour of your water.

Dual gradient PP sediment Filter

The filters are intended to purify water from sediment particles such as rust, sand, scale, silt etc.

Ferromix Filter

Replacement filter for iron reduction 4.5″×20″.