Semidol is designed to correct low pH levels in acidic water. It is a media produced from naturally occurring dolomite, which is comprised of calcium magnesium carbonate oxide. Semidol is used to correct pH levels in drinking water, for industrial processes and in swimming pools. Semidol can also be used to aid in iron and manganese removal from water.

Semidol is a fast reacting pH corrector, making it particularly effective when used to treat very low pH levels in water. It also reacts neutrally, which means it does not interfere with other medias and causes no problems during the switch over process.

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Part No.SizeVolume Media
(1/3 to 2/3 blend)
Min. Backwash Flow
Max. Service Flow
(pH Dependent)
WF1044TCF-PH210 x 4430 litres28/1.722/1.3
WF1054TCF-PH210 x 5445 litres37/2.234/2.0
WF1252TCF-PH212 x 5260 litres49/2.945/2.7
WF1354TCF-PH213 x 5470 litres56/3.455/3.3
WF1465TCF-PH214 x 6585 litres64/3.866/4.0
WF1665TCF-PH216 x 65120 litres75/4.581/4.9
WF1865TCF-PH218 x 65135 litres94/5.691/5.5
WF2160TCF-PH221 x 60150 litres102/6.1102/6.1


  • Effective media treatment for acidic water.
  • Fast reacting pH corrector for low pH levels.
  • Created from naturally occurring dolomite, containing calcium magnesium carbonate oxide.
  • Used in the treatment of drinking water, industrial processes and swimming pools.