5 & 6 Stage Drinking Systems

The reverse osmosis drinking water system from Ecosoft is ideal for domestic applications. An ideal under-the-sink installation, the drinking water system provides up to 190 litres of fresh, clear, purified water for consumption, washing and cooking.

Available in two models; a 5 stage variant or a 6 stage system, the self-contained systems are available either with or without a pump, meaning they can be installed even on low pressure systems.

The 5 Stage Drinking Water System has the following 5 stages of water purification.

Stage 1: A 5 micron sediment filter

Stage 2: Granular activated carbon filter

Stage 3: A 1 micron sediment filter

Stage 4: 50 gpd Filmtec reverse osmosis membrane

Stage 5: Coconut shell carbon filter

The 6 stage drinking water system has all of the above, plus a sixth stage;

Stage 6: Mineralizing Filter

This sixth filter is the main difference between the 5 stage and 6 stage, providing an optional mineralized water option for those with a 6 stage system installed.

No matter which system is chosen, the result is great tasting, clear water available on demand from a designated tap. Easy to install and with minimal maintenance.

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Model5 Stage Unpumped5 Stage Pumped6 Stage Unpumped
Treatment Stages556
Mains Pressure3 – 6 bar
(40 – 90 psi)
0.5 – 6 bar
(7 – 90 psi)
2 – 5 bar
(30 – 72 psi)
Capacity190 litres per day
(50 gallons per day)
Pre-FiltersMelt-blown polypropylene cartridge
Extruded activated carbon block cartridge
Post-FiltersCoconut shell granular activated carbonCoconut shell granular activated carbon
Additional mineralization filter
  • 5 & 6 Stage, Self-Contained Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System.
  • Easy to install and with minimal maintenance.
  • Ideal for domestic applications, compact and great for under-the-sink installations.
  • Clean, purified water for drinking, making beverages, cooking and other household chores.
  • 6 Stage drinking water system has an additional filter for providing an option of pure or mineralized water.
  • Provides up to 190L of water a day