TT Valves

The TT Clack valve is an ideal solution for duplex softeners and filters. One valve controls the meter and bypass, handling the switch from one tank to another when a tank requires regeneration. With the valve alternating between tanks as and when required, you can enjoy the benefits of having no downtime to your water supply. Available as a 1″ valve, the TT Clack valve has a service flow of up to 106 litres per minutes (6.36m3/h) and a backwash flow rate of 57 litres per minute (3.40m3/h). The TT valve also has up to 9 fully programmable regeneration cycles.

Other features of the TT Clack valve include;

Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings.

Four methods of initiating regeneration; meter immediate, meter delayed, time clock delayed or pressure differential.

Programmable regeneration cycle times.

Days override feature; 1 – 28 days available.

Backwash and brining ability to 21″ diameter tanks.

Downflow/upflow regeneration.

System configuration and operation data stored in nonvolatile memory.

Control valve design provides optimum service and backwash rates.

Pre or post soft/treated water regenerant refill.

Low salt alarm.

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Inlet/Outlet Fittings1″
Valve MaterialsNoryl
Service Flow Rate
(@ 1 bar drop)
106 lpm
Backwash Flow Rate
(@ 1.7 bar drop)
57 lpm
CyclesUp to 9
RegenerationDownflow / Upflow
Operating Pressure1.4 – 8.6 bar
Operating Temperature4 – 43oC
Cycles of Operation
1. Backwash1 – 120 min.
2. Regen. Draw / Slow Rinse1 – 120 min.
3. Fast Rinse1 – 180 min.
4. Softener Refill0.05 – 90kg
5. Service1 – 480 min.
Compatible with
Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Permanganate, Sodium Bisulfite, Chlorine and Cloramines


  • The ideal valve for all duplex softeners and filters.
  • Service flow of up to 106 l/pm with a backwash flow rate of 57 l/pm with meter and bypass
  • Up to 9 fully programmable regeneration cycle sequences
  • Downflow/Upflow Regeneration
The Clack TT control valve is well suited for
  • Duplex Water Softeners Units
  • Large Domestic Softener Requirements
  • Commercial Applications
  • Systems Requiring No Downtime