Set of replacement filters 4-5

This set of Ecosoft replacement filters is intended for the 4th and 5th stages of the domestic reverse osmosis filter.

Set includes:

The 4th stage

This stage of filtration is through the reverse osmosis membrane, which purifies the water from 99.8% of impurities including bacteria.

The 5th stage

Includes the carbon post-filter. It contains high-quality activated coconut shell carbon which improves the taste and odour of the purified water and tinctures it with a slight, sophisticated sweet flavour.

Advantages of the Ecosoft replacement filters:

  • Ecosoft membrane element – 98% of water purification
  • Enhanced capacity of the membrane up to 8 L per hour
  • Replacement of filters only once in 1-1.5 years or more.

Make life easier for your customers, who will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Have access to a source of absolutely pure and safe drinking water
  • Dishes will taste better
  • Coffee and tea will open up their flavours and aroma
  • Home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker, air humidifier, etc.) will be protected from scale
  • You can drink pure water without boiling it.

Please Note! The replacement filters are applicable for reverse osmosis filters of other manufacturers.

How often to replace cartridges?

It is recommended to replace the filters once in 1-1.5 years regardless of the volume of consumed water.

The Ecosoft set of replacement filters 4-5 is intended for the treatment of cold tap water only.

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  • 50 GPD reverse osmosis membrane element — purifies water from 99.8% of impurities including bacteria, unpleasant tastes and odours
  • Coconut shell carbon post-filter — improves taste and odour of the purified water
  • Safe water, even for children
  • Tasty drinking water