Filter-Ag plus

Turbidity is the measure of solids (or “suspended particulates”) present in water, such as sediment, suspended iron and organic particulates. Turbidity affects the transparency of the water, often giving it a murky brown or grey colour.

Turbidity in water should be no greater than 4.0 NTU’s (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) or FTU’s (Formazin Turbidity Units).

Filter-Ag Plus is made from an all natural ore called clinoptilolite, which is made up of angular granules with a rough surface and microporous void spaces as small as 3 microns. These features allow Filter-Ag Plus to reduce sediment and organic matter suspended in water by bridging, straining and adhesion.

Compared to normal sand filters, Filter-Ag Plus’ rough surface and internal porosity allow for much longer and more effective filter runs and a high capacity for sediment loading. This reduces backwash frequency and conserves water.

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Filter Ag Plus is supplied as: 28L Bags 40 Bags per Pallet


  • Large surface area, microporous structure for highly efficient turbidity filtration
  • Has a surface area 100 times greater than silica sand, resulting in better filtration
  • High sediment removal capacity resulting in longer filter runs and fewer backwashing cycles.
  • An all natural, environmentally safe product.