Pyrolox is a granular water filtration media that has been used in water treatment for over 75 years. It is effective at reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide in problem waters.

Pyrolox media works by a process called oxidisation. Particulates from the oxidised Iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide become trapped in the media and are then removed from the system during a backwash cycle.

It is recommended to maintain and augment the long-term performance of the media by introducing an oxidant feed. This feed is introduced upstream of the filter. Oxidants such as chlorine injection (including chlorine, sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite), air injection, potassium permanganate and soidum permanganate are all effective with Pyrolox.

Note that Hydrogen peroxide is specifically prohibited for use as an oxidant.

Pyrolox should also be installed with a gravel underbed and be backwashed daily.

Pyrolox is supplied as:

14L Bags

40 Bags per Pallet

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  • Granular water filtration media for removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from problem water
  • Used in water treatment for over 75 years.
  • Does not require a regeneration process or softener salt.
  • Durable media with long service life.

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