Triple Filter Housing

A great domestic triple filter housing to provide clean, filtered water to your home.

Filtration Technology 

5 micron PP melt blown sediment filter which will remove sand, silt, rust and other particulates

Filter with ECOMIX advanced softening material, will reduce hardness, chlorine and toxic metals.

CTO coconut shell carbon filter, to reduce chlorination byproducts and sediments.

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CodeFlow Capacity, L/min (gpm)Inlet Pressure, bar (psi)Connections Dimensions, H x W x D, mm (in)
FMV3ECOSTD1.0 (0.25)2-6 (29-87)1/2″ 420 x 370 x 150 (16.5 x 14.6 x 5.9)


  • 24/7 source of drinking water
  • 3 stages of tap water filtration with unique Ecosoft technology
  • Easy to install and replace filters
  • Compact design
  • Filter housing made of food grade plastic in the EU