Replacement filters 1-2-3-4 for RObust PRO

Set Includes:

The 1st stage

A polypropylene replacement filter for water purification free from sand, silt, and rust.

The 2nd stage

Granular activated carbon replacement filter for removing chlorine and organic matter from the water.

The 3rd stage

Carbon-block improves the smell and taste of water.

The 4th stage

Special filter RObust PRO – allows you to get water with minerals of magnesium and calcium, which enhance the extraction of flavour and aromatic components of coffee. As a result, water quality complies with the recommendations of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)

View the RObust Pro here.

The timely replacement of the RObust PRO filter cartridge kit ensures:

  • Reverse osmosis membrane protection
  • Constant tasty and quality water, perfect for coffee, with added calcium and magnesium minerals

How often to replace cartridges?

To maintain water of a high quality we recommend changing replacement filters every 2-3 months (or after 5000 liters of water treatment).

In the event of a delay in replacing filters, this can affect the taste of the water and the membrane can potentially become damaged.

Set of replacement filters 1-2-3-4 for reverse osmosis filter RObust PRO are intended for the treatment of cold tap water only.

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  • Special RObust PRO filter-adds essential minerals
  • Pure transparent water without chlorine or odour
  • Perfect for the HoReCa industry
  • R.O membrane protection
  • Special, improved taste