Juraperle is a sacrificial granular media for correcting the pH level in low pH water. Primarily made up of calcium carbonate, Juraperle dissolves into the water supply, naturally lifting the pH level in the water. Due to it being slow reacting, Juraperle is highly reliable in achieving the pH level you need and not “over-correcting.” It is particularly suited to correcting “slightly acidic” pH water, however it can be blended with a product such as Corosex to treat lower pH levels.

Juraperle can also aid in the removal of iron and manganese due to the oxidation process. This iron and manganese needs to be removed from the media, which can be done via a backwash process performed every day. By removing the iron and manganese from the media, Juraperle remains capable of dissolving into the water.

It is possible that Juraperle may increase the hardness of water, requiring a water softener to treat the water, however this should only be an issue with water that already has fairly high hardness levels.

Juraperle is supplied as:

16.6L Bags

40 Bags per Pallet

Available as:

1mm – 2mm

2mm – 3mm

3mm – 4mm

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  • Sacrificial granular filter medium for pH correction of problem waters.
  • Slow reacting pH corrector – much lower chance of over-correcting pH levels
  • A purity of 99.36% calcium carbonate; superior to ordinary limestone
  • Can be mixed with Corosex for treating very low pH level waters.

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