Brine Tanks

We supply a wide range of Brine Tanks, varying in capacity from 72 litres all the way up to 920 litres. Whether for a domestic application of an industrial requirement, we will have a Brine Tank suitable for your needs. All of our Brine Tanks are manufactured in HDPE or moulded MDPE and are UVA resistant.

We can provide Brine Tanks as part of a full system, with a softener or as a standalone purchase. Whether you are looking to install a Brine Tank as part of a full water treatment system, or as a replacement or upgrade to an existing system, we can accommodate you.

We are also able to provide all the necessary components for Brine Tanks, including brine wells, salt grids, brine valves and airchecks.

Brine Tank Components

We stock a range of components for Brine Tanks of all sizes. These can be sold along with our Brine Tanks or separately as spares or replacements.

Components include Airchecks, Brine Wells, Salt Grids and Hose.


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Salt Capacity
Simplex Softener
Volume (Litres)
Duplex Softener
Volume x2 (Litres)
72L20, 30, 4020
85L20, 30, 4020
95L50, 6030, 40
100L50, 6030, 40
140L75, 10050, 60, 75
670L350250, 350
920L500, 750500, 750


  • We supply a range of Brine Tanks, from 72 litres up to 920 litres salt capacity
  • All Brine Tanks manufactured in HDPE or moulded MDPE and UVA resistant
  • Brine Tanks available individually or part of a system
  • We stock a range of components from brine wells and salt grids, to brine valves and airchecks