treating mains water

Treating Mains Water

A recent installation that we worked on was for a borehole at a domestic supply while treating mains water.

JandF Water treatment

A Tailored Water Filter System for a Newly Drilled Borehole

A newly drilled borehole with turbidity, iron, manganese, hardness, coliforms and slight discolouration. See what we did to help provide provide fresh, clean water with no issues for this home

About us

Filtration and Water Treatment Equipment

J&F is a wholesale distributor of water treatment products based in Staffordshire, UK.

We are the fastest growing independent supplier of filtration and water treatment equipment in the UK. That’s why more and more customers are choosing us as their preferred reliable supplier.

Established in 2002 we are British owned and fully independent.

Upgrade your water source with our Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems. designed to deliver high-quality purified water for commercial establishments. Our diverse range of unique products caters to both industrial and domestic solutions.

Our Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems, offering reliable and efficient water purification solutions for industrial applications.

Aquapoint Filter Systems

Two-stage multifunctional filter AQUAPOINT Ideal, compact treatment units for main water problems.

5 & 6 Stage Drinking Systems

Fully customised water treatment solutions, uniquely designed for your water supply.


  • Provides purified water for beverages and cooking
  • Perfect for HoReCa industries (cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels)
  • Protects machines from scaling and helps to protect dishware and glassware from dulling and scratches
  • Compact design with no need for a pressure tank

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