UV Disinfection

UV Disinfection is essential for eliminating any harmful parasites and bacteria present in water, especially if chemical treatment is not possible or desired.

Blackcomb UV

The Blackcomb UV system eliminates harmful organisms from your water supply. Whether you are looking to treat a private water source, or adding extra protection for your municipal water supply, the Blackcomb UV is a solid choice. Designed for use in residential properties and small businesses, the Blackcomb 5 and 6 Models are capable of providing protection for flow rates ranging from 12 lpm up to 151 lpm.

Rainier UV

If microbiological protection is required for your commercial/industrial application, along with the added security of continuous UV monitoring, then LUMINOR’s RAINIER6.0 series of ultraviolet disinfection systems is an ideal solution. The RAINIER range offers UV protection for flow rates from 132 l/pm up to 662 l/pm


LUMINOR’s K2 line of disinfection systems are specifically designed and built to handle the challenging environments of process and manufacturing industries as well as pool and leisure applications.

UV Extras & Upgrades

We stock a range of extra modules and upgrades that are compatible with the Luminor Blackcomb UV Disinfection system.

UV Filter Rack System

Luminor’s rack-mounted UV/filtration systems offer the convenience of an all-in-one package making installation as simple as connecting the “in & out” of your water supply.

UV LED Water Bottle

The Glacier UV LED water bottle takes the convenience and simplicity of a standard water bottle and combines it with the power and reliability of Luminor’s UV disinfection technology.