MO-3 Reverse Osmosis System

The MO-3 Reverse Osmosis system from Ecosoft provides between 3 – 4m3/hour of purified water for industries such as chemical productions, agriculture and food and drink processing. A fully automated system that self-monitors and ensures that you get the best quality water possible, the MO-3 Reverse Osmosis system is an ideal solution for your water requirements.

Quality Parts

The MO-3 is equipped with:

  • Grundfos high pressure pump.
  • Dow Filmtec XLE membranes.
  • Danfoss automated valves.
  • Honeywell flow control valves.
  • Multi-functional controller.
  • Permeate conductivity sensor.
  • Sediment filter.
  • Vibration resistant pressure gauges and rotameters.

Further options are also available such as ECO PRO and BW30HRLE membranes for problem water, membrane rinse with permeate and raw water blending.

How it Works

Before going through the reverse osmosis process, feed water is sent through sediment pre-filters to remove particles that might otherwise damage the membranes. (If you are using an antiscalant for hard water, then it is added to the water supply before the pre-filters.)

The water is then sent through the membranes via the high pressure pump. Feed water is separated into purified water (permeate) and high salt water with any other impurities (concentrate). The permeate is then sent to the outlet for use, whereas typically the concentrate would be sent to the sewer system. However, the MO-3’s recycling ability allows some of that concentrate to be sent back through the filters again, providing you with more purified water before the remaining concentrate is finally ejected.

Self Monitoring

The system can be run completely autonomously. The system will set itself to standby whenever the pure water tank is full. An automated membrane rinse also occurs every time before standby, as well as during pre-programmed intervals. The system is also able to alert you to any failures or required maintenance, such as;

  • Low feed water pressure
  • High operating pressure
  • High permeate conductivity
  • Phase or voltage failure.

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Flow Capacity*3 m3/h
Membrane Elements3 x Dow Filmtec XLE-4040
Electrical Specifications400v, 50Hz
Pump Power4kW
Inlet Water Pressure2 – 4 bar
Operating Pressure7 – 10 bar
Maximum pressure14 bar
Influent Flow Rate During Service4 – 5 m3/h
Influent Flow Rate During Rinse8 – 10 m3/h
Connection Port Sizes:
Feed WaterDN40
Dimensions (HxWxD):
Product1.95 x 1.9 x 1 m
Crate2.1 x 2.05 x 1.25 m
Product450 kg
Crate550 kg
Feed Water Requirements:
Total Dissolved Solids< 3000 mg/L (ppm)
Hardness< 150 mg/L CaCO3 (ppm CaCO3)
Iron< 0.1mg/L (ppm)
Manganese< 0.05 mg/L (ppm)
Hydrogen SulfideNone
Silica< 20 mg/L (ppm)
Chlorine< 0.1 mg/L (ppm)
Silt Density Index< 5
  • Provides 3 – 4m3/hour of purified water.
  • Dow Filmtec XLE membranes and Grundfos high pressure pump.
  • Reliable, high-performance components and top quality engineering.
  • Fully automated with self-monitoring to assure top quality water at all time.
  • A range of additional options available.