Blackcomb UV

The Blackcomb UV system eliminates harmful organisms from your water supply. Whether you are looking to treat a private water source, or adding extra protection for your municipal water supply, the Blackcomb UV is a solid choice.

Designed for use in residential properties, Light Commercial, Commercial and Industrial Properties, the Blackcomb 5 and 6 Models are capable of providing protection for flow rates ranging from 12 lpm up to 151 lpm.

UV’s are a great addition to our tailored filtration systems we put together for multiple types of applications.

for example:

  • Farms
  • Vertical farms
  • Breweries
  • Distilleries
  • Universities
  • Rainwater harvesting

Blackcomb UV Controller

The full colour UV Controller that comes standard with all Blackcomb models provides you with up-to-date, accurate information concerning your UV system and any extra modules you have installed. Utilising a clear, simple-to-read traffic light system, the UV controller screen displays green for good, amber for attention and red for warning. As standard, the controller will display the following:

Lamp Replacement Countdown

A Blackcomb UV lamp requires replacing every 9,000 hours (1 year). The Lamp Replacement Countdown will display the number of days left before the UV bulb needs to be replaced. When there are only 30 days left, an intermittent audio/visual alarm will be activated. If the countdown reaches 0 days, then a continuous audio/visual alarm will be activated until the bulb is replaced. This enables customers to keep track on when they need to replace their UV bulbs and ensure their water supply is continuously protected.

Lamp Failure Alarm

Should the lamp fail for any reason, an audio/visual alarm will automatically trigger, alerting users to the fault and that the safety of their water supply is currently comprised.

Lamp & Quartz Sleeve Identification Numbers

The Controller is able to inform users of the part numbers for both the UV lamp and the Quartz Sleeve installed in the unit. This is particularly useful when needing to replace either of these, as they are able to relay those codes straight to their dealer, streamlining the entire process. No fuss, no worrying about ordering the wrong parts.

QR Codes

The controller displays a QR code which can be programmed with dealer information. If no dealer information is programmed to the controller, then it will direct users to the LUMINOR website. QR codes are also displayed during alerts and system failures, directing users to information on how to get replacements or watch service videos.

Programmable Dealer Information

If you are a dealer, then the Blackcomb Controller can also be programmed to contain your brand images and contact information. QR codes can also be displayed that direct users directly to your website. This is an excellent way of promoting customer loyalty and simplifying any maintenance situations. Your customers will have your details easily accessible whenever they need to order replacements or require their UV system servicing. More Information on the Programmable Dealer Information can be found in the Datasheets section below.

Extras & Upgrades

The Blackcomb series is designed with future upgrade-ability in mind. The system had been designed around a “plug-and-play” format so that extra modules can be added as and when required. The range of extra modules include;

  • UV Intensity Sensor
  • Remote Alarm
  • Solenoid Module
  • Cooling Fan
  • Temperature Management Dump Valve

You can find more information about Blackcomb Modules

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Flow Rate (@ 16mj/cm2)23 lpm
41 lpm
77 lpm
114 lpm
150 lpm
Flow Rate
(@ 30mj/cm2)
11.4 lpm
41 lpm
57 lpm
79 lpm
Flow Rate
(@ 40mj/cm2)
9.1 lpm
17 lpm
31 lpm
45.4 lpm
59 lpm
Port Size1/2″ MNPT3/4″ MNPT3/4″ MNPT1″ MNPT1″ MNPT
Electrical90-265 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Lamp Watts1522395042
Power (Watts)2030496251
Replacement LampRL-290RL-470RL-820RL-999RL-850
Replacement SleeveRQ-290RQ-470RQ-820RQ-999RQ-850
Chamber Material304 Stainless Steel, A249 Pressure Rated Tubing, Polished & Passivated
Reactor Dimensions2.5 x 14.3″
(6.4 x 36.4cm)
2.5 x 21.3″
(6.4 x 54.2cm)
2.5 x 35.2″
(6.4 x 89.5cm)
2.5 x 40″
(6.4 x 101.6cm)
3.5 x 36.1″
(8.9 x 91.7cm)
Controller Dimensions6.8 x 3.6 x 3″
(17.2 x 9.2 x 7.6cm)
Operating Pressure0.7 – 10.3 bar (10 – 150 psi)
Operating Water Temperature2 – 40o (36 – 104o F)
UV Monitor PortNoYes (optional UV Sensor module sold separately)
Solenoid OutputYes (requires optional solenoid module) – Activates on lamp failure
Dry ContactsYes (requires optional remote alarm module)
4-20mA OutputYes (requires optional 4-20mA module)
Lamp Change Reminder (audio & visual)Yes
Lamp Out Indicator (audio & visual)Yes
Shipping Weight3.3kg
  • Effectively Eliminates Bacteria, Viruses and Oocysts from your water supply.
  • Receive 24/7 monitoring via the Blackcomb’s UV Controller.
  • Reliable, proprietary low pressure coated UV lamps with 9,000 hour (1 year) life span.
  • A range of upgrades and extra modules available for full UV monitoring capability.
  • All our Blackcomb UV’s are WRAS approved.