UV Extras & Upgrades

We stock a range of extra modules and upgrades that are compatible with the Luminor Blackcomb UV Disinfection system. These extra modules allow for greater customisation, better analysis, warning systems and remote monitoring of the UV system. All the extras are built using “plug-and-play” architecture, making installation of these upgrades quick and simple. The Blackcomb controllers come with an Infinite Expansion Port (IEP) which allows for expansion with any number of modules. Each module comes with a male and female port so that installed modules can be “daisy-chained” for simple installation and the ability to upgrade a UV system with modules whenever you like.

SHERPA (Remote Water Quality Monitor)

Once installed onto a Blackcomb UV disinfection system, the SHERPA receiver is able to remotely inform you of the status of your UV system. Every minor or major alarm will be displayed via the three (green, amber and red) lights on the receiver. The Remote monitor works up to 50m away, making it ideal for people who want to monitor their UV from their house without having to go and manually check it.

UV Sensor Module

Measures and displays the UV transmittance in the water. Essentially making sure your UV light is bright enough to provide a substantial and effective dose of UV-C Rays to the water, the UV Sensor Module can inform you when this starts to become a worry. If the UV transmittance dips to low, it will sound the alarm. The UV Sensor Module uses the same, intuitive “traffic light” display system as all other Blackcomb features, with green meaning okay, amber for warning and red for immediate attention required.

Solenoid Module

Powering a solenoid valve (not included) to remain open, the Solenoid module works particularly well with other monitoring modules such as the UV Sensor Module. the solenoid module will force the solenoid valve to close upon the UV system not performing satisfactorily (for example, upon UV lamp failure, or the UV transmittance being too low). By shutting off the water, the solenoid module provides safety and security in ensuring you’re not able to drink potentially unsafe water.

TRV (Temperature management relief valve)

If you have extended periods of “no flow” conditions, the TRV is able to release water (dump) from the UV unit to allow for cooling of the water. The TRV is also useful for dumping water that could reach critical temperatures from other factors.

Cooling Fan

The cooling fan reduces water temperature in the UV system without needing to waste water by dumping. Runs independently and continuously from the UV system. Comes with a compact modular power adaptor with interchangeable AC clips that operates from 90-264V (47-63Hz.)

Remote Alarm Module

The Remote Alarm Module allows you to set up an audio/visual alarm for the UV system which can be triggered when the UV system fails for any reason (such as Lamp failure, or low UV transmittance detected by the UV Sensor Module).


Provides live, dynamic information on connected UV systems. More information can be found on the Concierge page on this website.

Dealer Customisation Option

If you are a dealer, then the Blackcomb Controller can also be programmed to contain your brand images and contact information. QR codes can also be displayed that direct users directly to your website. This is an excellent way of promoting customer loyalty and simplifying any maintenance situations. Your customers will have your details easily accessible whenever they need to order replacements or require their UV system servicing. More Information on the dealer customisation option can be found in the Datasheets section below.

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  • SHERPA Remote Water Quality Monitor
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  • TRV (Temperature management relief valve)
  • Cooling Fan
  • Remote Alarm Module
  • Dealer Customisation Option
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