Bespoke Systems

Installation of a water treatment system can be a bit of a hassle, where a simple mistake or a wrong connection can see your entire system failing. It can also be difficult to work out precisely what the correct solution should be for treating your unique water supply with it’s own mix of issues.

At J&F Water Treatment, we offer bespoke systems, where we will help put together a water treatment solution that is uniquely qualified to handle your water supply. We will guide you through gathering all the correct information about your water supply. The information will then ensure that we can put together a highly accurate and effective water treatment system, providing you with the ideal water quality you require.

After your water treatment system has been created, we also have a number of options available to make the installation process simple and hassle free, including skid-mounted, pre-assembly and pre-programming.

Have a read of our case study where we provided a bespoke system for a food production plant.

Pre-Mounted, Assembled & Programmed

We want the installation of your water treatment equipment to be as smooth and simple as it can possibly be. Therefore, we offer bespoke mounting options for your unique water treatment system. Rather than sending all the systems separately and guiding you through the connection process, we can offer a customised rig (or skid). The rig has bracing bars which are used to attach all the various parts of your water treatment system, and helps to self-contain the entire system for ease of installation into your premises. The entire system can then be fully assembled on the rig, with all valves pre-programmed and all tanks pre-filled.

Not only does this make shipping your water treatment equipment much simpler, it also makes the installation process literally as simple as “plug and play.” Simply connect the entire system to your water supply and you’re ready to go. We will have taken care of everything else for you.

Your Bespoke Water Treatment System

These bespoke, contained water treatment systems are designed with you and your requirements in mind. They are fully customised to ensure that the system is ideal for your premises and needs. Depending on the sizes of tanks, varying equipment needed and many other factors, the requirements for these rigs will naturally change from one system to the next. Rather than try to force your system into an “off-the-shelf” size, we will custom create your rig so that it perfectly caters for your specifications.

Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to discuss the options available and how we can take all the stress and hassle out of getting your Water Treatment system into place.

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  • Fully customised water treatment solutions, uniquely designed for your water supply.
  • We offer a full range of construction options, including skid-mounted for easy installation.
  • Pre-programmed and pre-assembled by our onsite technicians.
  • Installation support available should you have any problems or require assistance.