Cabinet Water Softeners

We have  new Ecosoft cabinet water softeners available designed for use in the home, pink and arctic blue.

Arctic Blue

Ecosoft Arctic Blue compact water softeners are intended for household and domestic water treatment.  The cation resin is high quality cation exchange resin that removes hardness from water and provides at least five years of effective filter operation. Ecosoft Clack WS1 CE control valve ensures efficient filter operation and regeneration with low energy consumption and minimal user intervention.

Cabinet Water Softeners Pink
The ultra-compact Ecosoft Pink water softening system is designed for use in the home.

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Titanium Gold250 Ecomix Softener 370 Ecomix Softener
Flow rateOperating — 1.0 m³/h –
Maximum — 1.2 m³/h
Operating — 1.4 m³/h
Maximum — 1.8 m³/h
H×W×D (mm)1200 х 370 х 550 mm1200 х 370 х 550 mm
Quantity of ECOMIX®25 L37 L
Usage of salt per regeneration**2.5–4.0 kg3.7–6.0 kg
Usage of water per regeneration0.25 m³0.37 m³
Duration of regeneration80–110 minutes80–110 minutes
Pressure drop in service mode0.5 bar0.5 bar
Inlet pressure2–6 bar2–6 bar
Electrical requirements230 V, 50 Hz230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption30 W30 W
Inlet/outlet pipe connections1’’1’’
  • Compact design for easy installation taking up minimal space
  • Intended for household water treatment
  • Up to 3 times less salt usage per regeneration compared to competitive products
  • Fully automated operation and regeneration
  • Decreases soap and detergent requirements which can help decrease energy bills
  • 12 month warranty