Set of filters for P’URE BALANCE-6 MONTHS

This set of replacement filters are for use with the Ecosoft P’URE Balance. They are for the pretreatment of feed water before it is supplied to the reverse osmosis membrane and post-treatment for healthy water enriched with vital minerals. The optimal and constant amount of minerals in water is 60-80 mg/L.

It is an innovative product that combines natural processes with Ecosoft’s cutting edge technologies.

Set includes:

The 1st stage

Sediment polypropylene filter reduces the content of sand, sludge, scale and other insoluble compounds exceeding the size of 5 microns.

The 2nd stage

GAC coconut shell carbon filter. This filter removes chlorine and organochlorine compounds, heavy metals and natural organic matter.

The 3rd stage

Filter with AquaGreen technology protects the membrane element.

The 5th stage

AquaSpring filter enriches pure water with calcium and magnesium. Final fine filtration in activated coconut carbon bloсk. The cartridge reduces contents of chlorine, chlororganic compounds other insoluble components exceeding the size of 1 micron.

The 6th stage

Coconut shell carbon post-filter improves the taste and smell of the purified water.

Please Note! Set of replacement filters P’URE Balance “6 months” is intended for the treatment of cold tap water only.

The Ecosoft set of P’ure Balance replacement filters provides:

AquaSpring replacement filter makes water fresh, tasty, and healthy thanks to natural calcium and magnesium minerals

AquaGreen filter makes Ecosoft P’URE Balance economical and environmentally-friendly

• saves up to 20 000 L of water per year*
longer filter capacity* — only 2 replacements per year

* in comparison with classic reverse osmosis filters for the home, i.e. the 5 and 6 stage drinking systems.

Make life easier for your customers, who will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get a source of absolutely pure and safe drinking water
  • Dishes cooked with the water will taste better
  • Coffee and tea will open up their flavours and aroma
  • Home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker, air humidifier, etc.) will be protected from scale
  • The pure water doesn’t need boiling.

How often to replace cartridges?

To get pure, high quality drinking water, it is recommended to change cartridges every 6 months, regardless of the volume of filtered water.

Set of replacement filters P’URE Balance “6 months” is intended for the treatment of cold tap water only.

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  • Tasty and healthy water with calcium and magnesium
  • Stable mineral composition
  • Safe even for children
  • Longer filter capacity- only two replacements per year needed