CE Valves


  • Customisable Valve Developed by Ecosoft and Produced by Clack Corporation
  • Easy Automatic Programming & Advanced Options for Advanced Users
  • Auto Diagnostic Mode for Error Detection
  • Programmable Dealer Contact Details
  • Display Backlight with Energy Saving Mode
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CE Valves


A customisable control valve, the CE Valve has been developed by Ecosoft and produced by Clack Corporation.

The CE Valve is similar to the CI Valve, with additional features. These include a backlit display to greatly increase the visibility of the Valve’s screen, programmable service intervals and a  “dealer information” option. This feature allows dealers to programme their contact details into the valve so that users/customers have access to their information when a service is required or should repairs and maintenance be required.

CE Valves can be used in Simplex systems, Duplex systems including MAV (Motorized Access Valve) and with NHBP’s (No Hardness Bypass Valves).

Other features of the CE Valve includes:

Multilingual Menu

Easy Automatic Programming

Professional Programming Access for Advanced Users

Auto Diagnostic Mode for Error Detection.

Salt & Service Maintenance Alarm

Additional Connection of External Clack Motorised Devices.

Relay Outputs.



Inlet/Outlet Fittings1"1.25"1.5"2"
Valve MaterialsNorylNorylBrassBrass
Service Flow Rate
(@ 1 bar drop)
Backwash Flow Rate
(@ 1.7 bar drop)
CyclesUp to 9
RegenerationDownflow / Upflow
Operating Pressure1.4 - 8.6
Operating Temperature4 - 43oC
Cycles of Operation
1. Backwash1 - 120 min.
2. Regen. Draw / Slow Rinse1 - 120 min.
3. Fast Rinse1 - 180 min.
4. Regenerant Refill0.1 - 100kg
5. Service1 - 480 min.
Compatible with
Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Permanganate, Sodium Bisulfite, Chlorine and Cloramines


The CE Control Valve can be used for:
  • Water Softening
  • Specialist Problem Water Treatment
  • Domestic Water Treatment Units
  • Commercial Applications

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