Filter Housings


  • Standard Housings with blue, white and clear bowls available.
  • 10" and 20" Full Flow Housings available with blue and clear bowls.
  • Available in a variety of optional port sizes.
  • Suitable for a range of commercial and residential application.
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Filter Housings


Standard Housings

Extensive range of high quality filter housings complete with accessories. Blue, clear and white bowls available with optional port sizes, to suit a variety of applications including residential and commercial.

Filter Housing
Port SizeDetails
10"0.75"With pressure relief - Blue
10"0.75"With pressure relief - Clear
10"0.25"Without pressure relief - White
10" 0.5"Clear Ecosoft brass threaded housing, bracket, spanner & screws
10"0.5"White Ecosoft brass threaded housing, bracket, spanner & screws
20"0.5"BSP, with pressure relief - blue
Extras & Accessories
Single Residential Housing Bracket
Residential Housing Spanner
Residential Housing Bracket Screws
Mounting Bracket with Screws
Residential Housing Spanner
Double Residential Housing Bracket
Triple Residential Housing Bracket
Double Commercial Housing Bracket
Triple Commercial Housing Bracket
Mounting Screws

Full Flow Housings

Large capacity housings for high flow applications. Available in 10″ and 20″ lengths; accepts 4½” diameter industry standard cartridges, blue and clear bowls available. These housings can also be ordered from J&F already assembled on dual and triple brackets.

Filter Housing
Port SizeDetails
10" Big Blue1"BSP, with pressure relief & spanner - Blue
20" Big Blue1"BSP, with pressure relief, spanner - Blue
10" Big Blue1"BSP, with pressure relief, bracket, spanner & screws - Black/Blue
20" Big Blue1"With pressure relief - Black/Blue
20" Big Blue1.5"BSP, with pressure relief - Black/Blue
10" Dual Full Flow1"BSP Ports
20" Dual Full Flow1"BSP Ports
10" & 20" Dual Full Flow1"BSP Ports
10" Triple Full Flow1"BSP Ports
20" Triple Full Flow1"BSP Ports
Full Flow Housing Extras & Accessories
Big Spanner
Big Single Housing Bracket (with Screws)
Big Double Housing Bracket
Mounting Screw, No Washer
Mounting Washer
O Ring

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