Cabinet Water Softeners


  • Models from 6 litres up to 30 litres; ideal for domestic water softening needs.
  • Fitted with quality 1" Clack Valves enabling timed or metered regeneration.
  • Prevents scale build up in appliances, pipework, faucets and showerheads.
  • Decreases soap and detergent requirements and can help decrease energy bills.
  • Compact design for easy installation taking up minimal space.
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Cabinet Water Softeners


The Sapphire & Opal water softeners provide scale-free water for residential use. Softened water does not produce limescale, meaning their are no more build ups of scale around faucets and shower-heads. Softened water also increases the effectiveness and lifespan of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Heating bills can also be reduced due to a lack of scale build up in pipework and within your boiler.

All our water softeners are installed with a 1″ Clack Valve providing timed or metered regeneration. Meter-controlled models measure the amount of water consumption and only regenerate when necessary. This saves both on salt and water used during the softener regeneration process. Time clock water softeners regenerate on a calendar which is pre-set but can easily be changed, normally every 2 or 3 days.

Opal & Sapphire Water Softeners:

  • Designed and built in the UK, with patented USA Clack Valves.
  • Stylish and ergonomic, designed specifically for modern living.
  • Luxurious, giving silky smooth water for the whole house, large or small. It makes showers and baths a pleasurable experience.
  • Efficient and carbon neutral reducing your energy costs with no cost to the planet. Reducing your needs for detergents and other cleaning products.
  • Kind on clothes, laundry feels fresher with only a fraction of detergent used.
  • Save you money on energy bills
  • Eliminate expensive maintenance bills




Sapphire ModelsPB16410CI - 10 litre Cabinet Softener UnitPB16820CI - 20 litre Cabinet Softener UnitB17830CI - 30 litre Cabinet Softener Unit
ValveClack 1" Time Clock or Metered Softener Valve
Service Flow0.4m3/hr0.8m3/hr1.4m3/hr
Litres between regeneration cycles (at 300pm hardness)160033005000
Average no. of days between regenerations*3 days6 days10 days
Salt usage per regeneration1.5kg3.0kg4.5kg
Opal Model PB230CI8 Litre Cabinet Softener Unit
ValveClack 1" Time Clock or Metered Softener Valve
Service Flow0.3m3/hr
Litres between regeneration cycles (at 300pm hardness)1330
Average no. of days between regenerations*3 days
Salt Usage per regeneration1.2kg

*Based on a household of 4 people using 160 litres/person using water with 300ppm hardness

Inlet/Outlet3/4" BSP Male
Drain3/4" BSP Male
Water Pressure120 psi max, 20 psi min.

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