A water treatment solution was required for a domestic property looking to treat their borehole water supply. One of our regular clients got in touch with us to provide a water treatment solution for their customer who was struggling with iron, manganese and coliforms, as well as a high hardness level. These are all things we treat regularly, so read below for our solution.



20-micron sediment pre-filtration
13×54 Ecomix Unit
5-micron Pre-filter
LB5-103 UV


Ecomix Resin

We started off with the 20-micron sediment pre-filtration filter. The sediment filter – as you might suspect – removes any sediment in the water such as rust, sand, scale and silt. The 20 micron filter helps to remove any larger particles from the water before the water supply reaches the Ecomix unit. This helps to ensure the Ecomix treatment can be concentrated on filtering the finer sediment, iron and manganese, which also means less frequent regeneration is required.

If you haven’t heard us talking about Ecomix and how brilliant it is, you’re about to now. Ecomix is a unique blend of five different filter medias, which provides an all-in-one treatment for the removal of iron, manganese, ammonia, organic matter, and help with water hardness; a perfect all-in-one solution for this borehole water supply.

After the Ecomix unit, a 5 micron pre-filter is included just to be extra safe that nothing has slipped through the Ecomix unit. Although this is highly unlikely, it is necessary to be extra safe before the water moves on to the UV Disinfection System.

The UV is always at the end of the water system solution to make sure it eliminates any bacteria or viruses in the water. A UV Disinfection System system placed earlier in the water treatment cycle would struggle to eliminate bacteria due to the other contaminants in the water effectively masking or “hiding” the virus from the UV light.


This was a simple job which was made cost effective and compact via the use of Ecomix. Without it, several mineral tanks would have to be used, needing more space, more maintenance and more cost. The water treatment system is simple but robust and reliable, providing safe, potable water for this household.

Just a reminder that we can create bespoke water treatment solutions to help with any of your water treatment needs. Just give us a call and we are happy to help!

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