Working with a Strawberry Farm

Check out our latest installation done by a company we work closely with. It was on a strawberry farm, and we had to work with its existing unit with pre-treatment, so they had to take out their old equipment and replace it with fancy new technology we supplied. Check out our latest installation done by […]

MO24000 off to the Farm

On our next to-do list we were dealing with a treatment solution for a farm. They on average used up to 20m3 water a day and they were having issues with lead and high hardness levels in their water supply. On our next to-do list we are sending out this treatment solution for a farm. […]

The Latest Application at a Poultry Farm

The Latest Application at a Poultry Farm A customer of ours we work with quite often came to us with an issue on a poultry site. They were struggling with hardness and sodium in their water supply. On the poultry farm, they were previously advised to blend mains water back into the borehole which ended […]

Treating Mains Water

treating mains water

Treating Mains Water A recent installation that we worked on was for a borehole at a domestic supply while treating mains water. As normal we always have to start with a water report to ensure we always treat the water in the correct way, and supply a bespoke tailored water treatment solution for this property. […]

Ecosoft Coming in Hot!

JandF Water treatment

We have been waiting for this one for a while, most of this order if we are honest has come in and already been assigned to a customer of ours or gone straight back out the doors. Which is good for us and the customers of course, but not so good for our wonderful warehouse […]

Helping a Gin Distillery get its Water Ready

J and F water Treatment

This week we teamed up with a gin distillery and worked on a system to help with their water purification system for their mains water.  The reason we got involved is because the mains water needs to be treated to make sure they are working with pure, clean water that will not interfere with the […]

A Tailored Water Filter System for a Newly Drilled Borehole


We recently worked with a domestic house with a newly drilled borehole. It  was struggling with a fair few issues in the water. As we deal with providing clean fresh drinking water we could easily help out this household, by providing them with a fully tailored water treatment system especially for this property. The Filter […]

Working with Mains Water for a Food Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing plant

We are popping back here to show you a recent installation for Mains water for a Food Manufacturing plant, we do quite a lot of things like this. At J&F we take pride in our commitment to delivering tailored water treatment solutions that meet the highest standards to any of our customers. Whether it be […]