A customer came to us with an enquiry to specify and supply a treatment solution for water required for cleaning jet engines. We wanted to make sure we supplied the best tailored treatment possible! Read on to see what we put together…

The site was a small private airport and their customer required on average 2000 litres per day, but wanted the scope to increase this.

Activated Carbon Unit MO6500 Remineralisation filterOur customer was given a water quality requirement spec that we always need to get first. This helps us provide and achieve the best tailored water treatment system.

This was a mains water plant, and the hardness level was below 100 ppm, so a softener was not needed. We did however spec a carbon unit, as it is important to prevent chlorine damage to the RO membrane, as this can lead to poor quality permeate water.

What we supplied:

Activated Carbon Unit MO6500 Remineralisation filterWe started with the Activated Carbon unit, as it’ll help with eliminating odours and taste of the water, and also to deal with chlorine which can adversely affect the RO membranes.

The commercial MO6500 we supplied is a perfect solution for problem water. This RO can provide continuous water of up to 6,500 litres of purified water every day, whilst still maintaining a quality monitoring and system operation via the OC6000 controller. These MOs are really quiet and easy to maintain, so you won’t even notice it working its magic producing clean filtered water, before moving onto the remineralisation filter. This is where the taste and odour of the water is improved and the pH adjusted back to neutral.
The MO will provide you with

Automatic switching on and off of the system through monitoring of the permeate collector sensor levels and pressure of the permeate line.
Emergency shutdown
Hydraulic flushing of membranes
Measures the volume and flow rate of purified water.
Constant, permanent monitoring and quality control of feed water and treated water.
Can prevent dry-running or over-pressure.

We mentioned the OC600 controller before, and that’s something this entire system is controlled and monitored by.

If you want any more information on this system please give us a call or if you have any issues with your water supply, or you are a contractor, engineer or installer of water treatment products, then please give us a call, and we will happily discuss any water issues or options that will work. We can provide an effective, tailored solution designed to treat any specific water treatment needs.

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