Iron & Manganese Removal

The Effects of Iron & Manganese

Iron in Water

If you have a private water supply such as a well or borehole, then there is a high chance you’ll have iron present in the water. Iron is the most common contaminant in private water supplies and it can alter the taste of water, the colour and can leave unsightly marks and staining on every surface it comes in contact with.

Types of Iron

The most typical forms of iron found in a water supply are ferrous (or dissolved) iron (Fe2+), and ferric (or suspended) iron (Fe3+).

Ferrous iron is also known as clear-water iron because it can be present in quite high amounts within a water supply and the water will still appear clear. However, once the water has been standing for a while and comes into contact with oxygen, it leaves brown, orange or red stains on surfaces such as toilets, basins, sinks and tiling.

Ferric iron turns the water yellow or brown from it’s contamination. It is most often found in oxygen-rich water sources which has already started the oxidisation process. Because Ferric iron is insoluble it causes the water to be “thicker” and thus can clog pipes and home appliances.

Iron can also be present as organic iron (mixed with organic substances causing muddy water colour and severe staining) and colloidal (colourless, tasteless and odourless but still causes staining).

Manganese in Water

Manganese in water has a similar effect as iron, leaving dark stains (ranging from brown to black) on surfaces as well as causing clogging in pipes and appliances. Manganese is more rare than iron, however it is frequently found in water with high iron content. In higher volumes, water can contain black sediment or turbidity due to the precipitated Manganese. Manganese can be more problematic to remove from water than iron.

Is Manganese Bad for your Health?

In lower concentrations, there are no issues in consuming water with manganese in it, neither is there a problem with bathing in it. When the volume of manganese in water gets higher than 0.05mg/l, it may affect the taste, colour and odour of the water. However, manganese affecting health is not a concern until concentrations are almost ten times higher.

The biggest issue with manganese is the unsightly staining it causes to surfaces that the contaminated water touches.

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Iron & manganese present in a water supply can leave unsightly stains and marks on surfaces and areas it comes into contact with. Removing iron & manganese helps to maintain the cleanliness of bathrooms, toilets, sinks and appliances.

Removing iron & manganese can be achieved via Ecomix or Pyrolox. Ecomix is a blend of five different filter medias for treating both iron and manganese, as well as water hardness, ammonia and filtering organic substances. Pyrolox is a granular filter media for removing iron & manganese as well as hydrogen sulphide, all without the need for salt regeneration.

We have experts available who will be more than happy to advise you on the correct treatment solution for your water requirements.