A Farm with High Turbidity, Iron, Manganese, Hardness and Ammonia in the Water

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This week’s case study is another animal related job we recently did. It was done by one of our customers on a local farm near him in Ireland! When starting a project, we always need to get a water analysis from the property, to be able to supply the best solution possible. When the results came back, the water was pretty bad. It had a lot of issues with it that we will have to tackle. To start with it had a high turbidity count, as well as iron, manganese, hardness, ammonia and a slight colour to the water. To top it all off the water had an eggy smell, you know what this means…there is hydrogen sulphide present in the water too!

what we supplied

But no mountain is too high to climb here at J&F Water Treatment. So we came up with a bespoke tailored water treatment solution and provided the following: 

the solution

Filter ag + unit comes first as it is effective in filtering multiple issues from a water supply such as, suspended irons, organic matter, silt and dirt. Compared to other sand filters, Filter-Ag Plus has a rough surface and internal porosity, which as a result allows for much longer and more effective filter runs.

Yes, another project including Ecomix!! We will shut up about this now, but we can’t not include it as it is in most of our projects! Finally, a catalytic carbon unit. We haven’t mentioned this in a while, this unit is designed to remove chloramines. Although we don’t mind a bit of chlorine in the water as it keeps our water sanitised, sometimes chlorine dissipates and is not always active when it arrives at its final destination. To stabilise the chlorine, ammonia is added, and is now described as chloramine. This highly efficient cartridge is designed to take out the chloramine and hydrogen sulphide from your water. So no more eggy smells in the water…result! 


the result

The water is now clear with no more smell, and another happy client for one of our customers! As always if you have any questions about your water supply, or think you might need something along these lines, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us here. 

Ireland Office Enquiries or call us on 067 34222

UK Office Enquiries or call us on 01538 399048

bird made up of water

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