Here at J&F we stock multiple brilliant types of Reverse Osmosis systems, but in this case, we want to tell you about our commercial and industrial ROs we have, because we are really happy with all the commercial Reverse Osmosis systems, we have had going out our doors this year, and we wanted to do a round up and share with you where some of them have gone of to.

You can see all about our different types of reverse osmosis systems by clicking here. 

Where some of our ROs have gone throughout this year

As you can see from the list our ROs go to numerous different locations. In addition to this recent list of applications, we currently have ongoing enquires and sales not yet installed from other industrial sectors including breweries, distilleries, an equine centre, a manufacturer of condiments for fast food restaurants and a commercial car wash.

Ranging from 6,500 litres a day up to 36,000 litres per day, the Ecosoft Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems are brilliant. All our Commercial and Industrial systems come equipped with the OC6000 controller for constant self-monitoring, the Grundfos high pressure pump and top-quality Dow Filmtec membranes. These ROs are a good, high-tech bit of equipment as the commercial reverse osmosis systems, with the correct pre-treatment, will provide the user with the purest form of water.

The Industrial systems that we can supply quickly range form 1m3 per hour to 9m3 per hour, but larger systems can be built to order.

There are many positives to our Commercial and Industrial ROs, and we will indulge you with just a few. But if you want more information on how good they are and why you might need one please feel free tocontact us!

Unsure if a Commercial or Industrial RO is the right fit for you? Here are some other applications that work well with a reverse osmosis system: