We recently supplied another tailored water treatment solution to a company who was working at another domestic property with a newly dug well. They had some tricky issues with their water, arsenic, iron, manganese, hardness, and coliforms.

To kick things off we started with the 20-micron sediment filter, this filter removes particles such as rust, sand, scale, and silt and is an excellent pre-filter for any water treatment solution. A 20 micron filter is also recommended to be installed in front of all Ecomix Iron and Manganese treatment units. You can read more about all the different filter cartridges we offer here…

The arsenic unit we supplied has now stripped the arsenic out of the water, and is now well below the legal limit, providing safe drinking water to the home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the level of arsenic in your water supply must be 0.010 mg/L or parts per million (ppm). This is equal to 10 ug/L (micrograms per litre) to be safe for consumption. In the UK and Ireland arsenic levels in the water supply are under stringent control and is reduced to the lowest practical level to minimise possible risks to health.

The Ecomix A unit we supplied has dealt with the hardness, iron & manganese that were present in the water. Ecomix A offers a robust and effective all-round water treatment and tends to have lifespan of 5 years, adding another reason to the list of why we think it’s so good!

Finally, we finish off with the 6gpm Luminor Blackcomb UV. This UV steriliser has now dealt with any bacteria that was present giving it a final zap before it goes through to drinking water in the home. The reason UV disinfection is always placed last in the water treatment system is to reduce the risk of any bacteria getting into the system. Also, UV system placed earlier in the water treatment cycle would struggle to eliminate bacteria due to the other contaminants in the water.

And that’s it from us, this property now has clean safe water in place, and another happy customer has been sorted with a bespoke tailored water treatment solution.

We are always happy to talk you through any water concerns or if you are a contractor, engineer, or installer of water treatment products, then we have a wide range of solutions available. So don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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