We have been waiting for this one for a while, most of this order if we are honest has come in and already been assigned to a customer of ours or gone straight back out the doors. Which is good for us and the customers of course, but not so good for our wonderful warehouse guys that are extremely busy bee’s, getting our deliveries sorted at the same time as keeping our warehouse organised!

There is no point us banging on about this order before anyone knows what was even in it.

long list incoming:

  • Brine Tanks, 70 litres through to 145 litres
  • Mineral Tanks, lots of these
  • Filter-AG Plus filtration media
  • GAC Filters
  • Multiple Carbon Blocks in various sizes
  • Many string wound filters, again in multiple sizes and 1 through to 20 micron
  • Spun Polypropylene filters in 1,5 and 20 micron
  • Ecomix…shock!
  • Remineralising filter
  • Other bits and bobs like baskets, valve injectors, drain line flow control and high pressure switch.

All in all this hefty order has put us back on track with our deliveries to various different domestic and commercial companies, to build softeners for domestic and commercial use dealing with hard water issues. Ecomix, to handle problems with iron and manganese from a bore hole again for domestic and commercial applications.

Filter-AG Plus filtration media will help with things such as, suspended irons, organic matter, silt or dirt in your water supply. Then we have the spun filters which are particularly good for filtering drinking water, commercial water and water with a high capacity for holding dirt and sediment.

For example our most recent jobs have been to poultry farms, gin distilleries, cattle farms, strawberry farms. We even helped the penguins out the other week at a wildlife park.

JandF Water treatment

That’s the quick round up of the delivery we got in to keep our shelves stocked and customers happy. As always please just give us a call or get in touch here, and we can create bespoke water treatment systems suitable for your specific water filtration needs! 

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