This week we teamed up with a gin distillery and worked on a system to help with their water purification system for their mains water. 

The reason we got involved is because the mains water needs to be treated to make sure they are working with pure, clean water that will not interfere with the process of distilling the gin! Another reason to be involved is because if  the chlorine isn’t treated in the water, it will affect the taste of the gin. We don’t want anyones gin and tonics tasting off, and changing the taste of the product! 

We supplied

  • Simplex Softener – to reduce the calcium and magnesium levels. The feed water hardness as CaCO3 must be below 150ppm. This is again important, as it protects the membranes of the reverse osmosis system from scaling and allows for better system performance.
  • MO5000 RO – This is an all rounder reverse osmosis system as it is great for multiple applications such as car washes, any livestock and poultry farms, factories, large restaurants and bars, laundry services, hotels, residential houses and apartment buildings and of course distilleries. This Reverse Osmosis system will pretty much remove everything left in the water after the carbon unit and softener which is not a hydrogen or an oxygen atom. These atoms recombine after the membranes as two hydrogen and one oxygen atom – H2O. 
J and F water Treatment

As you can see we can help many different businesses and locations. Just get in touch with us and we can talk through options with you. We have recently worked with a lot of farms, breweries, restaurants and domestic and commercial properties. We can do large reverse osmosis systems through to duplex softeners if you’re struggling with hard water!

Give us a call on, 01538 399 048. 

Or if you need us over in Ireland, you can catch us on 067 34222