We recently went to a company who needed help with their mains water, they make PCB boards for electrical components. The reason we needed to provide a full water treatment installation was to reduce contaminants and conductivity, to reduce chances of rust on their equipment.

First things first was Filter-Ag Plus, this filter media has a high sediment removal capacity, which means you get longer filter runs and fewer backwashing cycles. Filter-Ag Plus can get all sorts of things out of the water such as suspended irons, organic matter, silt and dirt.

Duplex water softener was installed to increase the effectiveness and lifespan of appliances, this will help with hardness in the mains water supply by softening the water reducing the build up of scale on the inside of the pipes.

Carbon unit was also supplied, this will remove chlorine from the mains water supply, which is exactly what we want as it’ll help preserve the RO membrane. Then last but not least is the demineraliser unit, this is put in place to act as a polisher for the pure water. As a result, bringing the conductivity down to 0.06µS/cm. This full water treatment system for any manufacturer is vital to this process as we need to ensure that the water being used is as pure as possible.

Overall we left this company happy with their new fully tailored water treatment system. If you have any questions please get in touch with us and we are happy to discuss options with you. As always you can catch us on, 01538 399 048.