An existing customer of ours recently installed a water treatment solution into a local supermarket near them. The supermarket was having issues with hardness. This is something we at J&F help with a lot, so this was really nothing new to us. We also had to take into consideration the bakery within this supermarket. They cook onsite so we wanted to make sure the water supply they had was safe especially when cooking food.

We supplied the perfect tailored solution so delicious tasting treats can always be offered to the supermarket customers.


12″ x 48″ CI Duplex softener with high grade resin and MAV
10” clear housing with 5 mic Sediment Filter
LB5-063 6gpm Luminor UV Disinfection System


Duplex Water Softeners We supplied a 12″ x 48″ CI Duplex softener with high grade resin and MAV (Motorised Access Valve). This duplex softener is great for shops, large factories, agricultural applications and many more places where softened water is needed 24/7. Duplex softeners are two softener tanks working the exact same way as a simplex water softener. However, when one of the tanks needs to go into regeneration the second tank takes over softening the water whilst the first goes through the regeneration process. This way there’s an uninterrupted supply of softened water, no matter when it’s used.

Having a softener increases the effectiveness and lifespan of appliances and machinery that use water, such as cooking equipment in the case of the supermarket. It also ensures soft water can be used for cooking and baking.

Next, we supplied a 10” clear housing with 5 mic sediment filter. This sediment filter is always in front of the UV disinfection system. It gets rid of anything like grit, dirt, grime or anything else you might find floating around in the water. It acts as a barrier to get rid of anything you don’t want floating around in your water supply before it reaches the UV.

Last but certainly not least is the UV Disinfection System, which eliminates any bacteria or viruses that could potentially be in the water. Normally for mains water this is not required, however due to the supermarket doing its own baking, it’s important to ensure upmost safety and that no bacteria found its way into their products. The UV is always placed last in the water treatment system to ensure the water is at it’s cleanest. Dirty water can lower the efficiency of the UV disinfection system, which may let bacteria or viruses through and that would be a serious problem.

The above is a simple solution for supplying a clean, tailored water treatment solution to a local supermarket.

As always, if you are struggling with hardness in your water, or just want to ensure you are offering the best, cleanest water, we can create bespoke systems for you. So, if you’d like to discuss your water treatment requirements, or you’re a water treatment engineer, contractor, or installer, get in touch!

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