We like to keep our customers informed with all the different installations we do for all different kinds of domestic or commercial properties. From a tailored solution in someone’s garage, a full irrigation system for a fruit and herb farm or in this case, a new borehole for a farmhouse local to one of our customers in Ireland. This farmhouse’s water was very problematic – Not good at all. Here’s the full list of problems they had with their water:

Low pH
Iron contamination
Manganese contamination
And last but not least, it also had a bad smell to it.

farmhouse in Ireland

10×44 TC Juraperle pH Correction Unit
10×44 TC Filter ag+ Unit
10×44 Ecomix C Unit
10×44 Cat Carbon Unit
10” pre Filter for UV
6gpm Blackcomb UV


First things first, we had to start with the 10×44 TC Juraperle pH correction unit. Juraperle is a sacrificial granular media for correcting acidic levels in water. It also help with the removal of iron and manganese due to the oxidation process. However, it is possible that Juraperle may increase the hardness of water, this should only be an issue with water that already has fairly high hardness levels…which as we mentioned, this property does have hardness. Therefore, placed after the pH correction, we have Ecomix…

Ecomix is the all in one solution everyone needs for their water. We at J&F truly love it. Ecomix provides a highly effective method of treatment for problem water. Say your water supply has hardness, high turbidity, is full of iron and manganese, and it stinks, Ecomix can sort all this out for you. That’s ticking off a lot of problems on that long list of issues in the Farmhouse’s water supply. Make sure you read more on why you should be using Ecomix here…

Next, the Carbon unit was supplied to help with eliminating hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) that the farm house was struggling with, whilst also reducing dissolved organics. Not much more to say about the Carbon unit; it’s a simple media that does the job well – that’s why it’s been around for so long.

Although many items on the long list of issues for the farm house borehole have now been remedied, there’s still a few left, with Filter ag+ now doing its part. It’s an all-natural, environmentally safe product, that’s great for removing the following from the water; suspended irons, organic matter, silt & dirt. Filter ag+ has a surface area one hundred times greater than silica sand, resulting in excellent filtration. You can read more about all the different filter media and resins we have to offer and how they can help different water needs here…

UV Disinfection Diagram The last product we supplied was the 6gpm Luminor Blackcomb UV. This is to kill any bacteria in the water. The reason UV Disinfectrion is always placed last in the water treatment system is to prevent shadowing. A UV system placed earlier in the water treatment cycle would struggle to eliminate bacteria due to the other contaminants in the water effectively masking or “hiding” the virus from the UV light. After all other contaminants have been removed from the water, the UV treatment will have no problem eliminating all viruses and bacteria.

And there you have it; clean, filtered, non-smelly and safe water is provided for the farmhouse.

The good news it that with all the above installed, the water quality has been perfect and led to another happy client for one of our customers.

If you notice any issues in your water that resembles these, don’t hesitate to get in touch. As you can see, we can provide an effective, tailored solution that can be designed to treat your specific water treatment needs in any domestic or commercial property.

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