We recently went and showed our faces at the Installer Show to see our friends at BWT. As we are now in the same family as the BWT group.

They had an Alpine F1 car, which as you can imagine brought a lot of new excited customers to the booth!

Its always good to show the different areas we can now cover whether that be a point of use water treatment system for your home, or a full specified water system for any application that uses water as a part of a process.

For example we have just worked closely with BWT on an exciting project at a large glass manufacturing facility. This deal has recently closed, and we managed to bring in a very good dealer of ours to fit and service this application.

For a bit of insider information this job included:

Duplex Ecomix-A Unit

Aquapoint Whole House Filter System

MO-36000 LPD Econnect Reverse Osmosis System

Low Pressure Membranes

Salt Pellets for Water Softeners

Carbon Block Filters


Installer Show
Installer Show

Overall, we are really happy with the direction we are going here at J&F with the Ecosoft BWT partnership, and we have a lot of exciting projects going on that will be shared on our website soon and LinkedIn so make sure you keep an eye out!

As always if you have a business that uses water, we can help provide your farm, brewery, factory, distillery with a fully tailored system to make sure the water you’re using is free from any chemicals, horrid smells or tastes, bacteria, the list goes on. You might not realise you need a water filtration system or know where to start.

Thats a perfect time to give us a call on 01538 399 048 If you’re in the UK, or you can reach us at our Ireland branch on +353 (0) 67 34222 and we will happily talk you through the process.

drink more filtered water

As you can see we can help many different businesses and locations. Just get in touch with us and we can talk through options with you. We have recently worked with a lot of farms, breweries, restaurants and domestic and commercial properties. We can do large reverse osmosis systems through to duplex softeners if you’re struggling with hard water!

Give us a call on, 01538 399 048. 

Or if you need us over in Ireland, you can catch us on 067 34222