Borehole at a Domestic Water Supply

A recent installation that we worked on was for a borehole at a domestic water supply.  As normal we always have to start with a domestic water report to ensure we always treat the water in the correct way, and supply a bespoke tailored water treatment solution for this property.

borehole water supply

When receiving the water report results, the following was found in the water:

  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Turbidity
  • Coliforms


We see this a lot in domestic water supplies, and as we were treating domestic mains water, this isn’t something too hard for us to fix.

To combat these issues we supplied

As many know, we have recently been bought by Ecosoft, we have worked with them for many years and we always pride ourselves in selling high quality, great performing products. 

It was important that we carry on selling the Luminor UV’s in addition to the full ecosoft range.

The luminor UVs are the best of the best, they have multiple benefits as you can have many added extras to the product, and have peace of mind.

The UV sensor continuously monitors the performance of the UV system, displaying the output via a colour screen (optional on 5.1 systems).

If you need help with your Domestic Water Supply please feel free to reach out to J&F Water Treatment.