On our next to-do list we were dealing with a treatment solution for a farm. They on average used up to 20m3 water a day and they were having issues with lead and high hardness levels in their water supply.

On our next to-do list we are sending out this treatment solution for a farm. On average, the farm uses up to 20m3 water a day. They were having issues with lead and high hardness levels in their water supply.  The water will be treated through a series of filters and into a large storage tank. It will then be pumped out through a UV system, to remove bacteria and to service.  

There are already treatment units on site that will act as pre-filtration for the RO, so what we had to do was pretty easy! 

  • Antiscalant dosing station 
  • MO2400 RO c/w Flush Blend 
  • Remineralisation Vessel 


Starting off with the antiscalant dosing. This acts as a pretreatment that will get put into the water that will flow through the RO membrane, preventing the membrane from scaling, and increase lifespan. 

Next up, the MO24000. This is a great solution, RO for problem water. It will provide up to 24,000 litres of treated water every day,  with continuous water quality monitoring. Meaning it’ll remove 99.8% of impurities. It’s a great reverse osmosis system for many locations such as, food and beverage industries, greenhouses, chemical production and small scale industrial processes. 

The reason for supplying the flush blend assembly, as it allows for forward rinse to be carried out with permeate water. This is beneficial in terms of the longevity of the membrane. 

Finally the remineralisation water filter. This filter can be added to existing systems as the final stage of the RO process. A remineralisation filter puts good minerals back into your water supply, once contaminants have been removed during the previous stages of reverse osmosis filtration. The water on this farm,  is now safe, clean and being used for livestock, pigs and some cattle living their best happy lives. 

Please remember we can create bespoke water treatment solutions to help with any issues you are having with your water in any domestic or commercial property. Or if you just want to refresh your water filter systems you have in place now, we can help with that too. Give us a call or get in touch here and we will happily talk through some options with you.

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