The Latest Application at a Poultry Farm

A customer of ours we work with quite often came to us with an issue on a poultry site. They were struggling with hardness and sodium in their water supply. On the poultry farm, they were previously advised to blend mains water back into the borehole which ended up costing the customer a lot of money over the long run which wasn’t beneficial for them or financially viable. We gave them an affordable and perfect solution to come off mains water completely! 

You don’t want hardness in your water because the scale build up can damage your appliances and pipes in your building making them run less efficiently. Hardness in your water supply can also leave mineral deposits on drinking glasses, and stain sinks and toilet bowls.

Like any normal drinking water we do not want high levels of sodium in it. However the drinking water standard for sodium for poultry is a lot lower than potable standard  for human consumption. We also went through a series of pre-treatments to protect the RO membranes and help prevent high ongoing maintenance costs on the RO.

  • Filter ag+
  • Carbon units
  • UV systems
  • MO-3 RO system
  • Ph correction

Filter Ag + is a regular for most of our bespoke uniquely tailored water treatment systems as it has a high sediment removal capacity resulting in longer filter runs and fewer backwashing cycles which is great as this is a working farm. 

The carbon unit was supplied to remove any organics that will be coming from the incoming water which stops organic fouling on the membranes, whilst the UV systems will zap any lingering bacteria left in the water treatment cycle. 

We then have the big guy, the MO-3 reverse osmosis system. This RO from Ecosoft provides between 3 – 4m3/hour of purified water for industries such as chemical productions, agriculture and food and drink processing. This system also has the added benefit of being fully automated to help ensure you are provided with the best water possible. 

The reason for this RO is to provide clean filtered water, and its recycling ability allows some of that concentrate to be sent back through the filters again, providing you with more purified water before the remaining concentrate is finally ejected. Read more information about the Ecosoft MO-3’s here. 

We also supplied a full ph correction unit. But this was not actually to correct the level of pH in the water supply, it was actually placed to remineralise the water to give the correct minerals to the chickens as they grow. So the chickens can grow happy and healthy. 

If you are struggling with any issues in your water or you don’t even know what’s in your water, we can still help. We will talk you through what we need but it usually starts with a water analysis so we can help you in the best way possible!  Don’t hesitate to get in touch, as you can see we provide effective, tailored solutions that are designed to treat your specific water treatment needs in any domestic, industrial or commercial property.

Just give us a call or get in touch here and we will happily talk through some options with you.

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