We started our week the right way with a heck of an order from Eurotrol. What’s in this order you might ask? Here is a quick run-down of what was in this delivery.Eurotrol
what was in the order

We will keep this short and sweet:

Softening Resin 25L Bags
White Round Brine Tanks, Blue Lid, 140 Litres
Filter-Ag Plus, Filtration Media, 28L Bags
Cabinet Softeners, 6 Litre Cabinet Softener c/w 8×13 Tank
21″ x 62″ Mineral Tanks, 4″ Neck
14″ x 65″ Mineral Tanks, 4″ Neck with 2.5″ Reducer
12″ x 52″ Mineral Tanks and lots more mineral tanks
2.5″ x 30″ Spun Polypropylene Filters, 20 Micron

You get the idea, lots of mineral tanks, brine tanks and filter media & resins were in this order.
cabinet softeners

Sapphire Cabinet Water Softeners

We haven’t spoken about cabinet softeners in a while, so we thought we’d refresh your memory. In short, they prevent scale build up in appliances, pipework, faucets, and showerheads. We recommend cabinet softeners if you are short on space as they have a compact design for easy installation taking up minimal space. These softeners can also help decrease energy bills as the unit helps decreases soap and detergent requirements.

Mineral Tanks

We needed more mineral tanks so nothing too exciting but equally very important. All our mineral tanks (pressure vessels) are suitable for use in industrial and potable water treatment systems. We carry a full range from 6” diameter through to 42” diameter. Available with 2.5”, 4” threaded necks and 6” flanged top and bottom openings. These mineral tanks can be used for lots of different applications for example, in bars, restaurants and cafes. The mineral tanks can be used to remove chlorine from your water supply which helps with the taste and odour of your water, or they can be used to help with PH correction.

One of the main uses of the mineral tanks is for anti-scalant purposes and softening. Because who wants scale in drinks mixes, dishwashers? They are also used to build carbon and sediment filters. Many filter medias can go into our mineral tanks, including sediment reduction medias such as Filter Ag Plus and neutralizers such as Corosex and Juraperle. They are also used in our range of filters designed to remove iron and manganese. These systems use Ecomix, Pyrolox and Birm. The possibilities are endless with these tanks!

And that’s it from us for another behind the scenes look at the deliveries we have coming in here at J&F and all the different domestic and commercial places our products head off to!

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